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Stewart Marshall

Cinematographer / Editor

Stewart Marshall graduated from Diana Greentree’s School of Drama in 2004. He went on to act in short films and television such as “Neighbours” and received a Best Actor Nomination for his role in “Charlotte’s Deb” (Independent Feature Film directed by Diana Greentree in 2006). He enrolled in Film School at Footscray City Films in 2008 and during this time acted in his second independent feature film as a support named Brodie in the film “Jasper” (Directed by Nathan Hill) which jump-started his career. His skills as a Director of Photography soon led him to professional shoots including Television, Corporate and Film Production. His work on the short film “Trepidation” led to a Cinematography Award in the UK and NZ, followed by a Golden Slate Award at the California Film Awards for the feature film “Model Behaviour”. Following up with more camera work on a Documentary directed by Nick Levy called “Sex around the World: Melbourne” tv Pilot.


Continuing his career as a director/producer/writer for his latest award winning web series "Iron City" which unfortunately came to a halt in production (due to the global pandemic) Stewart continues to press on creating new project ideas such as his latest project feature film "Kindling"

Julian Pillirone



Julian M Pillirone is an Australian actor known for performances in various short, feature length films, TV Series as well as music video productions. A very dedicated individual, diverse in his roles, likes to pursue roles that challenge him to push his limits emotionally and physically. Is not afraid to go the extra mile to get the performance that is desired. Over the years he has established strong working relationships with several directors and cast. Julian is passionate, disciplined and strives for excellence in any role he's given.

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