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Video Auditions Only

2021 (April 4th Deadline)

Shoot Dates: June 15th - July 4th


The following must be emailed with a private link to your video audition to 

Audition script is available below (Click on the PDF Logo to download)

- CV/Resume

- Showreel (If you have one)

- Video Recording of the character monologue that you are auditioning for.

- IMDB Link (if you have one)



Thomas and Lana, a couple embroiled in a world of methamphetamines and shady characters, flee from their problems in Melbourne and squat in an empty house they find in the middle of nowhere. But, when the house’s owner arrives home, they find themselves with new problems, and nowhere to run.


Lana has been a chameleon all her life, donning the costumes of whomever would accept her, taking on their attitudes and giving herself over to their lifestyles. She has never known herself as anything other than that which someone else wanted her to be. With acceptance and belonging as her primary motivations Lana has fallen down multiple rabbit holes following the whims and wills of people with their own goals, even when they proved detrimental to her. She struggles to challenge others and apologises more than necessary, fearful of being abandoned.

But, who is the real Lana, then? She herself doesn’t even know. The real Lana can only come to exist after she’s stripped of all the baggage of her past and left with nothing. Not so much a case of “losing all hope [being] freedom” as one in which the severing of ties and the future being completely open to her permits her, for once, to exist for her own sake and nobody else’s, initiating a rebirth and a journey of self-discovery.


Lana has a screen age of between 24 and 30. 

We would rather not discriminate between different body types and are open to people of all shapes and sizes applying. Do note, however, that types that imply strength and power may need to offset this with a greater inidcation of vulnerability in demeanour.

The primary qualities we are looking for in a performance are the ability to portray conflicting emotions being experienced simultaneously, and to be able to express bodily a transformation of mind in a subtle but profound way.


Before applying, please be aware that this is a feature film to be shot almost entirely in a single location over a two week period in the latter half of June at a location in rural Victoria which has already been booked. 

Any applicant must be willing and able to commit to the period of filming.


Please also note that smoking is necessary to this role, but that herbal cigarettes can and will be provided at the performer’s preference.


We are accepting video auditions of the scene attached in PDF form to begin with, before we narrow it down to a shortlist of people we would like to meet with to discuss the role further.

The scene finds Lana, after having tried to run away and gotten her leg caught in animal trap, considering the motivations of the man who owns the house. She is talking them through in her own head, imaging she’s talking to the corpse of a guy she saw hacked to bits by the home owner the day before.


We look forward to seeing what you can offer!

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