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Pillmarsh Group was founded by Stewart Marshall and Julian Pillirone in 2016. With over 8 years in the independent scene of Melbourne, Victoria. Stewart and Julian have been working together since their early days in film school. Today the Pillmarsh group consists of some of Melbourne's finest freelance and independent Producers, Directors and Writers.

Our aim is to bring as many people together from all backgrounds and ethnicity to create stories and films for everyone to enjoy. From Feature Films to Web Series and Music Video's we create them all and always open to idea's to present to television networks. With the current state of Australian film and television Pillmarsh Group will be aiming to encourage many more Writers and Directors to work with us to help build a new system within our own network giving opportunities to bridge between Indie and Professional.


With the lack of paid jobs and funding the Pillmarsh Group will be trying their hardest to continue to produce content in Australia. Some projects could be volunteer work to help talent and crew/students gain experience hopefully working up into getting major roles and jobs in projects that are funded whether deferred, contracted or wage. Pillmarsh Group will always seek to find funding for all projects from now and in the future. We care about the Indie scene and the future of Australian Film and Television.

We keep our own personal database of film crew and talent so there is a direct connection between the two. By creating our own system and acting as a portal between projects with in Pillmarsh or Freelance groups (some what of a free agency of our own) the writers/directors/producers with in the Pillmarsh Group will have easy access to the database calling for video auditions or in-person auditions. Not only that, we can help outside Producers and Directors find the talent they need who we can vouch for and vice versa posting up independent film and television jobs for talent. The two-way portal system is here to help merge both indie and professional scenes together helping everyone out as much as we can. The only way to get content out is for everyone to work together. 

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